The Student Athlete at Sandhills Community College

Start Here, Go Anywhere - Flyer Success Stories

You can get there from here. Sandhills is home to a diverse offering of programs and majors designed to meet the needs of a wide range of interests and abilities. Our students transfer to four year institutions prepared to complete degrees in teaching, engineering, science, technology, business management and many, many more. While most student athletes choose to pursue their four year degree after SCC we also house a large number of successful two-year programs designed to prepare students for the workforce. Highlights of those programs include nursing, turfgrass management, landscape gardening, massage therapy and cosmetology.

Committed, Caring Faculty

Your Sandhills education is most impacted by our dedicated faculty. They are hands on and invested in your learing. They care about you as both a person and a student. They also understand the importance of holding you to a high standard and how that prepares you for success at a four year institution and in your chosen career path. In this section, Committed, Caring Faculty, learn more about our faculty in their own words. The importance of teaching at Sandhills is evident in our president, Dr. John Dempsey's example. Dr. Dempsey has taught an American Government course since his arrival over 25 year ago.

National Academic Honors

The Flyers success has not been isolated to the course and court. On the contrary our students continue to perform well in the classroom at SCC and beyond. Many student athletes have earned national NJCAA recognitions for their academic performances. The 2014-15 year was especially successful for the Flyers as three of the four teams earned NJCAA team recognition (Team GPA of 3.0 or higher) with another three individuals earning NJCAA awards.

SCC Foundation Support/Scholarships

At Sandhills, public support is augmented significantly by the extraordinary generosity of private benefactors who know and love the college. Remarkably, since its charter in 1963, donors have provided over $40,000,000 to the Sandhills and its students through the Sandhills Community College Foundation, thereby making possible Sandhills' strong faculty, modern facilities and equipment, and the state's best program for providing opportunity to deserving students.

Academic Support

The area of academic support for student athletes is a multi-pronged effort. It starts with the daily involvement of the faculty. The main other efforts include the SCC tutoring center and the support of the SCC Athletic program. The athletic deparmtent requires weekly mentor meetings for most Freshman in addition to study hall and academic support by individual sport coaches. Regular progress reports require encourage both communication between students and teachers as well as increased performance. The expansion of the Dempsey Student Center in 2015 included the academic support area with access to computers and printers in a convenient location.

Student Athlete Leadership Team

Established in 2015, the Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT), is a group focused on developing leadership among our most promising student athletes. They participate in leadership studies and help plan events for the athletic program to gain valuable hands on experience.